Eating Your Way Round the World: Germany

susie almaneih

In introducing our children to other cultures, one of the most immediate and effective approaches is food. Cooking and preparing a meal is a tactile activity that can involve the whole family and provide a window into other country’s traditions by way of ingredients and techniques.

Germany is a rich and prolific culture that has a fascinating array of kid-friendly, tasty treats. We selected some delicious and easy to make recipes that don’t require obscure ingredients. And for fun, we’ve included some interesting facts and history around each dish.

Meatless Balls in Tomato Sauce – Roggenkloesschen in Tomatensosse. If your kids like spaghetti and meatballs, your family will love this. Because Germany’s geography has a short growing season, hardy grains like rye make up a sizeable portion of the diet. This wonderful vegetarian spin on meatballs will be a big hit with the kids, in part because rolling the cooked rye into balls is really fun.

Cucumber Salad. Germans are big on dill; it’s often incorporated into pickling recipes for added flavor. This easy recipe is slightly sweet and very cooling, a great side for any hot dishes.

Cream Roll. Known for their tempting baked goods, German confections go back a long way. A German delicacy that is lightly sweet and fruity, this Cream Roll is a traditional German favorite: simple, minimum prep and delicious.

It’s not all sauerkraut and sausage! There is so much to discover and love about Germany by way of its rich culinary customs. Give your family a little taste of the history, while sitting down together for an incredible meal.